This group contains websites and businesses which are predominantly operated online. They include B2C, B2B and sites specifically for recruiting, training and selling to distributors.

Nana The Noodle
B2C Giftware, apparel and gadget store, created using Shopify.
Truepot Distribution
Truepot Distribution serves to design, manufacture and distribute giftware products throughout the USA. We have created a set of 6 expertly-crafted figurines that will be popular as 'get well soon' gifts. Distribution is coordinated with teams of sales reps who work locally with retailers.

Business Productivity

A selection of custom-built scripts that seek to automate or simplify administrative and marketing functions.

Gmail GTD Extension
We created a method for using a standard Gmail account to function as a GTD productivity system. The inspiration came from realizing that most daily tasks were initiated by email. Rather than import emails into a GTD system we designed an email parsing script which would split a single email full of tasks into separate emails that would be returned back to our inbox. This meant that both tasks and emails would be combined into Gmail and could be sorted by Gmails star system.
Xero  Authorize.net Integration
The experts at Xero have taken over 3 years and still have not been able to create a solution like ours. Our script allows for the seamless integration of Xero with Authorize.net to allow users the ability to invoice their customers with one of Americas most popular payment gateways.

Marketing Tools

Miscellaneous utilities with the intention of automating or optimizing online marketing functions

Document Mail Merger
We created this tool to mass-generate text files such as html landing pages, product catalogs and email templates. Taking data from a CSV file and a document template this script creates mail-merged documents on execution.
Hot Or Not Scraper
We created a scraper that would compile a directory of profile pictures based on the users chosen demographics.
Pinterest Auto-Submitter
We have created a tool that can trickle-feed pins into Pinterest for multiple accounts. It runs from a CSV data file and randomly adds pretedermined pins to pinboards a few times per day.
Plenty of Fish Batch Advert Creator
We created a complex Firefox extension that took campaign data from a CSV file and mass submitted them as Plent of Fish advertisements.