Meet the Team

Hard working fellas behind the scene

Our success comes from the incredible talents and hard work of our team members. Currently we are spread across 4 continents, 7 time zones and despite working together for as long as 6 years, nobody has yet to meet their team members in person.

Martin Pavion


Martin is the founder and inspiration behind the corporation.

Gary M


Gary can be credited with the programming of most of our websites.  He is a skilled and efficient programmer and was instrumental in the smooth operations of our e-commerce sites.  He is based in Bolivia.

Kim M.

Graphic Design

Kim is one of our longest serving staff members and takes credit for te beautiful banners, slideshows and logos found on many of our sites.  Kim is based in the Philippines and is especially skilled in Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop and Indesign.  Kim also has a wide knowledge in Pre-Press technology and  large format printers.

Khun Phairote

Artist and Designer

Khun Phairote is the genius behind our scrap metal statue products.

He is a skillful designer, artist and manager in his own right and takes full credit for all the incredible large statues we’ve made.

Bhavin P


Bhavin is based in India and is an expert on creating custom-purpose scripts that automate much of our marketing and administration.  He is an expert in web automation, web scraping and in finding solutions to bizarre problems we throw at him.

Fahim G.


Fahim is the number guru.  He’s our accountant, bookkeeper and researcher and is currently upgrading our administrative system in preparation for a significant business expansion.

Fabricio D.


Fabricio is a newly hired programmer who will be fundamental in our 2013 B2B e-commerce development.

Lovely A.

Data Entry & Social Media

Lovely is a diligent team member who works relentless to keep our social media updates current and to make monthly updates to our product catalog all over the Internet.

Khun Noi

Artist and Workshop Manager

Khun Noi is the artist and manager of our secondary workshop wher ewe manufacture our steel statues.

Siva K.

Database Administration

Siva is a skilled database developer and works with us to continually to improve our administrative tools.  He is currently developing a system to generate product catalogs for our wholesale customers for “Art From Steel”.

Vicki S.


Vicki administers our shipments from within the USA.  She works tirelessly to ensure anything you order from us arrives well-packaged, quickly and without error.

Andrew S.


We are proud to be working alongside a published novelist.  Andrew recently jonied the team and he’ll be responsible for our press releases, website content and product descriptions on all of our sites.

Khun Ning

Khun Ning is responsible for all of our sea-freight and air-freight.

Khun Wandee

Packing & Fumigation

Khun Wandee oversees all the packaging and fumigation required when we export products from Thailand.

Venki N.


Venki is a skilled and creative programmer who designed and built some of our initial websites.  He’s proved invaluable by developing complex site automations and script that have given our businesses huge competitive advantages in the industry.

Sarvesh S.

Online Marketing

Sarvesh heads our team of SEO marketers and is responsible for site submissions, press releases, article writing and heading our link-building campaigns.